`Rudy and GoGo' Get Up to Speed

For "Mystery Science Theater 3000" fans, this might resemble something on the order of "Bugs Bunny Meets Howdy-Doody." Turner Network Television is adding some Punch-and-Judy to its extensive cartoon collection by turning over two hours each Saturday to a rowdy 8-year-old male marionette and a mostly mute pygmy nanny goat.

 The hosts of "The Rudy and GoGo World Famous Cartoon Show" (Saturdays at 5 p.m.) introduce the vintage cartoons and react to the story lines with off-the-wall, quick-witted segments. They also occasionally interrupt the action to provide their own commentary, as is the norm on Comedy Central's "MST3K." "I hope to bring something new, even though it might be old," said senior writer-producer Barry Mills, who provides the voice of Rudy. What started as a cartoon packaging arrangement for Turner Broadcasting System has evolved into a wacky show that TNT expects to appeal to both children and adults.

 The show got off the ground July 8 with a few quick gags -- including several shots of GoGo goat running across the screen. Strange, but funny. "We're kind of experimenting with the interruption stuff" during cartoons, Mills said. "You can't mess with the Warner Bros. cartoons as much as the other cartoons. {Rudy and GoGo's roles} will increase little by little. We'll be up to speed in about the fourth week." That will come this Saturday. Rudy's cartoon-loving marionette pal J.B.(voiced by "Space Ghost" production assistant Gus Jordan) also will get into the hooting and hollering from the town of Tater Hole. "I just hope people dig it," Mills said of the knee-slapping humor. "Some of it might be old, but we're exploring a new frontier."

Article from:  The Washington Post
Article date:  July 23, 1995
Author:  Scott Moore

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