There were four rocks on Mars named after the Space Ghost cast on the '97 Pathfinder Mission, and this is the postcard that was tied in with the event.
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Here's a picture of an old ad for Space Ghost Coast to Coast from 1994 (scanned from the back of an issue of Wild Cartoon Kingdom). Just click the pic to see the whole thing.
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1994 Promo Comic Book
SGC2C promotional comic book, also from back when the show was first starting out. Click to see the - Front Cover
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Back cover
As we know, Moltar slacked off and watched CHiPs a lot while he was supposed to be directing Space Ghost's show, but a lot of other random crap has appeared on Moltar's monitor as well. Here are some screenshots:
-The last scene from "Gone with the Wind"
-GoGo Para Presidente!
-Rudy and GoGo and "The Blob"
  (from TNT's old Rudy and GoGo shows)
-Some weird frog thing (from the Banana Splits)
"Oh You Want the Time-Travel Spinning Head!?!"
by Todd Hanson
Lengthy article about Space Ghost C2C and Ghost Planet Industries from the Jan/Feb 2001 issue of Oxford American magazine ("the Southern magazine of good writing").
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In 1999, the producers of Space Ghost C2C auctioned off the ending to the episode "Snatch" on eBay (with proceeds going to charity), and it ended up being sold for over $1000! Here's an actual screenshot of the eBay page for the auction. To this day, we still don't know what the hell was really on that script (or if it even was a script).